Life is a beach. November 12, 2019 15:12

I can't believe that we are actually doing this.  A lot has happened since we had to temporarily close up shop. (And the break was much longer than anticipated.)      Packing up house and business in Sydney, an extended holiday in Europe and after living as nomads for a while, totally unexpectedly ending up in the beautiful Byron shire. We love it here, the place is filled with laidback, friendly, creative people, beautiful nature and wildlife, yoga galore, glorious beaches on our doorstep and dogs everywhere..

A perfect antidote for all the other changes that the world has seen lately. A lot of the changes in the greater world are not exactly positive and for the greater good of all. Now, more than ever before we have to make our own paradises, our own safe havens in a bewildering world. We have to try our hardest to stay positive and find inspiration where we can. In our own communities, our own 'tribes' wherever we find them, in our streets, our towns or online in faraway places. In the youth of this world, and the young-at-heart, not yet jaded, not yet sold-out, with eyes wide open and determined to better the world.

We find peace in our yoga practice and let the asana's nourish our bodies and minds. Our deep breathing calms us down, dissipates our anxieties. To have a calm, loving mind and a healthy body is the greatest gift for ourselves and the rest of the world. Whom better to turn to in moments of doubt and fear than our mother. And Mother Earth is still there, although a bit battered and the worse for wear.

We are so lucky to start the day with a walk and/or swim on a beautiful beach.     It doesn't take much to feel content and happy this way, to feel optimistic about the future and full of inspiration for new designs and ideas. We hope that everyone is able to find their own special place, their own little paradise wherever they are, otherwise feel free to share ours....