Life is a beach. November 12, 2019 15:12

I can't believe that we are actually doing this.  A lot has happened since we had to temporarily close up shop. (And the break was much longer than anticipated.)      Packing up house and business in Sydney, an extended holiday in Europe and after living as nomads for a while, totally unexpectedly ending up in the beautiful Byron shire. We love it here, the place is filled with laidback, friendly, creative people, beautiful nature and wildlife, yoga galore, glorious beaches on our doorstep and dogs everywhere..

A perfect antidote for all the other changes that the world has seen lately. A lot of the changes in the greater world are not exactly positive and for the greater good of all. Now, more than ever before we have to make our own paradises, our own safe havens in a bewildering world. We have to try our hardest to stay positive and find inspiration where we can. In our own communities, our own 'tribes' wherever we find them, in our streets, our towns or online in faraway places. In the youth of this world, and the young-at-heart, not yet jaded, not yet sold-out, with eyes wide open and determined to better the world.

We find peace in our yoga practice and let the asana's nourish our bodies and minds. Our deep breathing calms us down, dissipates our anxieties. To have a calm, loving mind and a healthy body is the greatest gift for ourselves and the rest of the world. Whom better to turn to in moments of doubt and fear than our mother. And Mother Earth is still there, although a bit battered and the worse for wear.

We are so lucky to start the day with a walk and/or swim on a beautiful beach.     It doesn't take much to feel content and happy this way, to feel optimistic about the future and full of inspiration for new designs and ideas. We hope that everyone is able to find their own special place, their own little paradise wherever they are, otherwise feel free to share ours....


Forwards, Upwards and Downwards. November 11, 2016 14:06

We don't want to add too much to all that  has been said and will be said about the USA elections. Just the fact that it seems to make a lot of people all over the world quite anxious, worried and/or depressed. Stay positive.

" In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision" Dalai Lama

To make you feel great we have added a video 'Yoga For Anxiety and Stress' from Adriene from Yoga with Adriene.





Cruelty Free Festival. October 26, 2016 18:41

The annual vegan Cruelty Free Festival is being held this Sunday 30 October at Technology Park in Redfern, Sydney.This festival aims to give a voice to the animals. It gets bigger and better every year and attracts more and more people, vegans, vegetarians and advocates for cruelty free living.

I am happy to have 4 of my etchings included in the art show featuring cats and dingo's of course.

Entry fee is $5 and kids under 12 (and dogs) are free.

sneak peak of copper plate etching 'Dingo Tales" by CAE carol ann edelkoort

 sneak peak of copperplate etching "Dingo Tales".








Padahastasana or Gorilla pose. September 27, 2016 18:46


Padahastasana or Gorilla pose by Downward Dingo Carol Edelkoort

Imagine going through your daily life without using your hands or wrists. Fairly impossible isn't? Makes you realize what great appendages they are and what awesome tools they make. We are so lucky to get to wake up in the morning and find these wonders attached to our arms to do our bidding.

I think it is high time to appreciate our hands and wrists and stretch, massage and spoil them.

I love Padahastasana, Foot to hand or Gorilla pose as shown in the video from Kino Yoga embedded underneath. A great stretch for your hands and wrists, relaxes your shoulders and neck (always a must), calms your mind and lengthens your hamstrings. 



 I also added this video from Jen Hillman of Psyche truth about more general hand and wrist stretches. Time to pay special attention to your hand, after all they make us create, do yoga, work, love, cook, eat, pray. Namaste



Downward Dingo back at the Rocks Markets this weekend. July 7, 2016 17:55

We had a little break, but will be back at the Rocks Markets this weekend. You'll find us in Playfair Street. Forecast is for a dry and sunny weekend so we hope to see you there!  

We are happy to show some of our new stock, the "Balasana" print in 2 new colours white and aqua in the T back style. And in the colours soft coral and lemon yellow in the regular singlets. 


Balasana or Child Pose is a lovely, comforting pose and quite versatile. You can rest your arms backwards ,rest your forehead on the ground, stretch gently and take deep calming breaths. Or extend your arms forward, lift your elbows, push your pinky fingers in the ground in a prayer position and it becomes a great deep shoulder stretch. Whichever child pose you feel like doing is right for you and is bound to make you feel better. I added a video from the lovely Adriene going over the basics of this pose, hope you enjoy it.



We also have our original Downward Dog print in coral and lemon yellow regular singlets, and in the white T Back singlets available.

downward dingo downward dog and childpose singlets

 The new lemon yellow will bring some much needed sunshine in our lives.

The new T back singlets:

downward dingo new downward dog and balasana t back singlets





A big weekend at The Rocks Markets. May 13, 2016 09:40

This Saturday and Sunday 14 and 15 May you can find us at stand G232, George Street South, The Rocks Markets, Sydney.

Downward Dingo stall at the Rocks Market, Playfair Street, Sydney 7th May 2016

Our stall at the Rocks Market 7/5/2016.





Tutti from Downward Dingo and Scott from 'No Sleeves Magic'.

Tutti from Downward Dingo and Scott from 'No Sleeves Magic'.


How to do Yoga everyday. May 10, 2016 13:39

I try to do yoga everyday, and I usually succeed. I can't get to class everyday and I don't feel experienced and/or knowledgeable enough to set my own practice all the time.

 I have my favourite poses that I do quite well and am happy to repeat over and over again. (No not Svavasana, it takes an effort to stay on the floor at home and not jump up and get on with the day).

 And there are other poses that I try to avoid, because they are too 'hard'. So it is pretty easy to get stuck in a bit of a rut.

 My solution to be able to practice yoga (nearly) everyday is to stream yoga instruction videos from YouTube to my television screen. I know nothing beats having a good yoga teacher right there and present, but this way I can extend my practice at any time of the day or night and leaves no room for excuses.

There is a plethora of yoga videos out there, with good teachers, excellent teachers and some not so good teachers. It is a matter of trial and error, and finding what works for you. But if you find a good teacher who talks about the sensations you are meant to feel in your body while doing the poses, gives clear instructions so you can correct yourself, does not go too fast (or too slow), has a pleasant enough voice, it can be a matter of picking and choosing a workout specifically targeting shoulders, hip openers, detoxing, sleeping better or whatever you feel you need                                                                 

Having always felt that every yoga teacher you have, has something different to teach you, that world expands enormously this way. I do feel though that this is not for the beginner, you do need some practice and experience to follow instructions via the small screen. Without proper instruction from a good teacher it is easy to develop bad habits and wrong ways of executing poses and stretches.

But at the moment this works for me, on the days I can't get to a class I work my way trough the YouTube videos and choose the yoga workout I need, whether at 5 in the morning or at 11 at night without leaving my home.

I just have to work on Svavasana at home, normally I look forward to that, it is my reward for finishing the class, but it seems that I really do need a teacher there to tell me that...


This is a (for me) great video from to loosen the shoulders and neck, makes me feel great afterwards.
















FYI.... May 6, 2016 19:24

This Saturday the Downward Dingo stall will be at Playfair Street in the Rocks Market,Sydney, stand PS34, looks like it is gonna be a lovely day. If you are still looking for something for Mum, visit The Rocks Market lots of unique and hand made stuff.(and of course yoga wear for Mum!)


The Rocks Markets again.... April 29, 2016 00:00

We will be at the Rocks Markets again this Saturday 30 April only. You will be able to find us at stand G202 George Street South. Markets are open from 10.00am until 5.00pm.

man and woman wearing Downward Dingo Australian yoga wear T shirts.

Saving our Dingo. April 27, 2016 11:23

The dingo has and has had a very difficult and colourful relationship and a chequered history with the Australian public.

Seen by some as a ferocious killer of livestock and by others as an Australian icon, loyal companion to the original Australians for centuries. A beautiful animal that does not deserve to share the fate of becoming extinct like the Tasmanian tiger through human ignorance and greed. Efforts are being made to preserve the pure bred Dingo. Scratch any kelpie or cattle dog and you will find dingo DNA.

The documentary "Dingo: Wild dog at war", tells the story of an Australian sheep and cattle farmer predisposed to view the dingo as a savage livestock killer, a pest to be deterred and even killed. This farmer is also a dog trainer and that fact makes him intrigued by the dingo and its behaviour.

He sets out on a journey through Australian crossing the "the Dingo fence", where he meets with cattle and sheep farmers, scientists and environmentalists. To discover that there actually is a place for the dingo in the modern Australian landscape/ecology.

The dingoes existence is very important in balancing nature, safeguarding and generating Australian wildlife and even native flora, as they keep the numbers of feral cats, foxes and rabbits under control.

Dingoes have been baited and killed in an effort to save lifestock, however the use of large sheepdogs as protection for the flocks has shown to be far more effective.

By leaving the dingo population alone, dingo hierarchy and a close family pack environment teaches the young pups how to behave and not run wild like they might have done while their elders are being hunted down and killed.

Farmer David Graham finds a new respect and love for the dingo and realizes that it is possible to co-exist with the dingo as a farmer.

Although initially saddened I was captivated by the story and filled with hope for a brighter future for our dingo. A fascinating documentary that was first aired on the ABC in Dec 2013. If you are a dingo lover like me definitely worth a watch.






Yoga in the rain... April 22, 2016 16:17

We will be hiding out at the Rocks Market on Saturday 23/4, rain or shine.

You can find us at stand G336, Georges street South,close to the glass blower and his little doggie.

Australian Yoga wear....... April 15, 2016 16:15

Not really a blog, just a reminder that we will be at the Rocks Market stand G313 George Street South this Saturday 16th of April only. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful weekend so I hope everybody will enjoy it and take advantage of this great Autumn weather and will go out and about in the sunshine.


Yes, we will be at the Rocks Market... April 8, 2016 14:09

This coming weekend the 9th and 10th of April we will be back at the Rocks Market, on stand G204 George Street South, close to the "cornstand". We will be stocking our new charcoal Downward Dingo Pup Kid's T shirts and Downward Dingo t shirts in black and charcoal in many adult sizes... Hope to see you there.

New Kids' t shirts! March 25, 2016 18:41

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you are enjoying the Easter Break. We have been busy and are excited to reveal the first of our Kids' shirt this weekend at the Rocks Market, The Rocks, Sydney. Corner of Jack Mundey Place and George Street South. stand JMP34.

Also larger sizes are now available in our tops. Website will be updated shortly.


Sydney Mardi Gras Weekend. March 4, 2016 08:11

On this glorious weekend (5 and 6 March) you will find us at the Rocks Market, appr number 84 George Street, stand G235 on the inside of the market. Close to the 'Glass blower man'. See you there and Happy Mardi Gras!


New Black and Charcoal T back singlets and T shirts back in stock! February 26, 2016 11:58

Find us the Rocks Market stand G212, level to ' Swagman Post Courtyard Cafe, 35 George St, in the INSIDE of the market. This weekend 27 and 28 of February.

Ladies black Tee back singlets size 6 - 20

Ladies charcoal T shirts size 8 - 18

Men black Tee back singlets size S - XL

Men (unisex) black T shirts size S - XXXL

Men (unisex) charcoal T shirts size S - XXXL




New Downward Dingo tops. February 16, 2016 12:47

Due to high demand the new black Downward Dingo T Back singlets have sold out for the moment, except for size 6 ladies and men's sizes. With a bit of luck and help from my printer I will have them in stock again soon.


Back at the Rocks Market. February 12, 2016 14:45

This weekend (13 and 14 Feb) we will be back at the Rocks Market. At Jack Mundey Place (close to the Rocks center entrance.) Just in time for Valentine's Day. See you there.



New T Backs. January 28, 2016 09:16

We have added new black T Back singlets with the new Downward Dingo print to our collection, available in women's sizes 6 to 16 and men's S to XL.Get in quick before the sell out.




"Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame." (B.K.S.Iyengar) January 6, 2016 13:30


Sunshine or rain, night or day, hot or cold, having a great day or a bad day, where ever you are, do your best to keep that flame alive.

For some inspirational yoga tops, visit us at the Rocks Markets in Sydney every weekend during the month of January. We'd love to see you.

The Rocks Market December 26, 2015 16:20

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and will still be relaxing for the next of days.                         

We will be at the Rocks Market, George st Sydney on 27 and 28 Dec, so if you are near come and say Hi, we would love to see you.


Rocks Market again this weekend (18 and 19 Dec), and next week 27 and 28 Dec, come and find our stall..... December 19, 2015 20:21

At the Rocks Market December 16, 2015 09:43

Last weekend (12 and 13 December) we had a great time selling our  yoga tops and original etchings on which our designs are based at the famous Rocks Market in Sydney.

Coming weekend 19 and 20 December and 27 and 28 December we will be back at the Rocks Market. Come and have a browse, save on postage and take advantage of market prices!

Our Bestseller


Birth of a singlet. September 9, 2015 12:45

Follow the emergence of the Cat pose or Marjaryasana pose singlet from a quick sketch to a navy T back singlet as worn by Alex from  duopilatesau during her workout.