My First Blog June 20, 2015 13:32

Hi, I am thrilled to finally share with you my yoga inspired tops and their story. I love Yoga and love the way it makes me feel. Since Yoga is only gaining in popularity I know more and more people all over the world have discovered and are discovering its many benefits. Some are only interested in the physical side of this practice, and that is fine. But I feel that even if you mechanically go through the poses and routines you can't help but be transformed eventually, even just a tiny little bit. Holding on through a difficult and maybe somewhat uncomfortable asana helps you develop strength, flexibility, patience and endurance that you can call upon and use in everyday life situations. The relief of getting into child pose (Balasana) after a challenging sequence, or corpse pose (Savasana) at the end of your practice or class makes you realize you are deserving and you really should nurture and look after yourself. That can only be good, can't it?

What also eventually made a deep impression on me was when at the end of a practice, my teacher would say: "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu" translated as "May all the beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, word and actions of my own life contribute to that happiness and to that freedom of all". A noble and worthwhile notion I thought especially in the world we live in presently. And I started to realise that for me "all beings" included animals. We live in a world where some lucky animals are prized and pampered as beloved pets, "furry children" for many people. Other animals are being viewed and discarded as nothing but commodities to make profit from, without any thought for their quality of life. In my own little way I would like to honour "the happiness and freedom of all", in this case animals. That's why I decided to highlight animals and animal asana's in this way. I love bringing my love for Yoga, love of animals and love of art together. And create some awareness to their existence and some compassion for a better world for all creatures.

I am full of ideas and look forward to sharing my ideas and future designs with you.