About Us

Carol has been practising Yoga for a number of years and has grown to love it very much, especially how it makes her feel. To tell you the truth her inspiration for developing "Downward Dingo" was observing her dog Joey stretching in Upward and Downward Dog every time he gets up or sits down countless times during the day.  (Joey is a rescue dog, we are unsure about his origins. We know he is part German Shepard and has most likely some dingo in him. We call him our Dingodog.)

Joey as a puppy.

Dogs and cats stretch basically every time they get up. They know how to stay supple, healthy and flexible. And it is not just our pets who are able to contort their bodies into stretches, all kind of animals instinctively place their bodies and muscles into poses that are beneficial for their welfare.

joey dingodog on couchluna the cat stretching on striped rugjoey dingodog asleep on couchluna the cat playing with tennisbaljoey dingodog pulling his leasluna stretching her paws

 Some more dog and cat poses using props.




They have inspired yoga poses or asana's that are beneficial for us too. Picture the way your cat stretches, the eagle spreads its wings, the crow perches and the lion opens its mouth to roar to name a few.

Notice as well how the tree is able to grow tall because it is grounded in the earth and its branches can bend in the wind because they are flexible and filled with life. These animals and Mother Nature have so much to offer us.

Carol was looking for a way to celebrate these animals and express her profound love for them. Having years of experience as an artist/print maker specialising in copper plate etchings, her favourite subjects always consisting of people, bodies, animals and the natural world it seemed like a natural progression to me to portrait these creatures on comfortable yoga tops and t-shirts. 

So combining a love for Yoga, animals, nature, art and design, add an Australian twist, and "Downward Dingo" was born.

We hope you will enjoy these tops and the thoughts behind them, they are great to wear during a yoga practice or anytime you want. They make great presents too, delivered with an inspirational flyer about the featured pose.

Humble beginnings, sketch of Joey doing Downward Dog.