About Us

Downward Dingo was born out of a love for Yoga, animals and art. I used to have a German Shepard/Dingo cross rescue dog named 'Joey'. Numerous times a day has used to stretch in Down and Upward dog while getting up or lying down. That made me delve more into animal inspired poses. Dogs and cats stretch basically every time they get up. They know how to stay supple, healthy and flexible. All kinds of animals instinctively placed their bodies into poses that are beneficial for their welfare. They are a great source of inspiration for yoga asana's. The way the cat stretches, the eagle spreads its wings, the crow perches and the lion opens its mouth to roar to name a. Notice how well the tree is able to grow taller because it is grounded in the earth and its branches can bend because they are flexible and filled with life. Nature has so much to offer us.


Joey as a puppy




I have been practising yoga for more than 10 years and I absolutely love it. One of the best 'feel good' tools around, for body and spirit.

With years of experience as an artist/etcher specialising in copperplate etching, with a subject matter of human bodies, animals and the natural world I just knew I had to combine these favourite things (Yoga, art and animals) and with an Australian twist Downward Dingo was born.

Early sketch of Joey stretching

original copperplate etching Downward Dog.

After a longish break we have settled in the beautiful Byron Bay area full of beaches, forrests, hills, animals, yoga and lovely people. We look forward to  opening our shop again and developing more designs and prints.                       Of course we have a another (rescue) dog'Caesar',but we will never forget our Dingodog 'Joey'.