Marjaryasana Vintage Style Ladies T-shirt White or Grey

$18.95 $25.95

Ladies 100%  combed cotton regular style T-shirt. 185 gsm. Slightly roomy and heavier vintage style.

 Marjaryasana or Cat pose print on the front of shirt. Small logo print on the back.

"Marjaryasana" or Cat pose usually performed as part of Cat-Cow pose (Marjaryasana to Bitilasana). A flowing pose. Great for correcting posture, improves balance, stretches hips, abdomen and back. Massages and stimulates the organs in your midriff. Concentrating on your inhale and exhale while moving your spine up and down, calms your mind and is a great stress reliever.

size              8   10    12    14   16   18

half chest   42  44.5  47  49.5  52  54.5 cm

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