Garudasana Ladies Slim Fit T-shirt Back Print

$18.95 $29.95

Slim fit comfortable lightweight T-shirt made of 100 % combed cotton jersey. 130 gsm. Enzyme washed. Longer body cut. "Garudasana" or Eagle pose print at the back of shirt. Logo printed at left front side.

"Garudasana or Eagle Pose named after the mythical King of the Birds. A balancing pose that requires focus on both the upper and lower body. Strengthening and stretching, creating space between the shoulder blades. Among its many benefits are improvement of balance and increased circulation to all joints."

size              8   10   12   14   16   18

half chest    41  43   45   47   49   51 cm

body length 61  63   65   66   67   68 cm

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