Ustrasana Ladies White Raw T-shirt


Slim fit and lightweight raw cotton wave T shirt. Longer body cut. 135gsm. Made out of 80% cotton and 20% poly for comfort and durability. Great for summer. Ustrasana at the front of the shirt. Small logo print on the back.

" Ustrasana "or Camel Pose, inspired by the camel who bends her knees and folds her legs beneath her body before getting up and sitting down. A deep backward bend that's done 'standing' on our knees. An energizing pose. Compressing the spine stimulates the nervous system. Expands the rib cage, relieves back pain, anxiety and fatigue.

size             8      10     12     14     16     18

half chest  41.5  43.5  45.5  47.5  49.5  51.5 cm